Potential Tropical Storm Barry Update

For now, the National Hurricane Center suggests 6 to 12 inches of additional rain could fall through early next week, with isolated totals up to 18 inches.
Lastly, Hurricane-force winds are possible from Friday night into Saturday. Where exactly those winds occur remains uncertain, given the typical uncertainty in the track and intensity. What this means is that residents in the Houston area could be facing strong winds in excess of 70-100 mph - in some instances.
Although no one at Sheldon ISD claims to be an expert in meteorology, we would like to remind our students, staff, and community members to please be mindful of the potential impact hurricane-force winds and rain can cause to this area. Therefore, please consider taking the following proactive safety measures before Saturday: fill up your vehicle’s gas tank, purchase plenty of food and water (and diapers and baby formula, if needed), check batteries in flashlights, make sure your cellular devices are fully charged, etc.
Most importantly, please stay safe - and do not attempt to drive in high-water areas!

Photo credit: The Weather Channel