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Expectations and Rules


P.E. Rules/Expectations

 Respect                                               Stay on your feet

Yourself                                      Have fun and do your best

                                   Wear athletic shoes


Respect                                              Don’t interrupt others

 Others                                             Use Good Sportsmanship



  Respect                                           Don’t touch equipment

This Place                                            without permission

                                                                 Take care of our gym


P.E. Consequences

STRIKE 1 = Warning

STRIKE 2 = Refocus Zone

STRIKE 3 = Phone Call Home

Clothing Attire:

Proper clothing and footwear must be worn at all time during PE days.  Please be sure that your child wears shorts or pants and tennis shoes with closed toes on PE days.  Also please refrain from sending girls in dresses or skirts, if they have to wear them please make sure they are wearing shorts underneath.  

No crocs, sandals, wheelies or flip flops are allowed for safety reasons.


Illness/Injury Notes:

If your child cannot participate due to an illness or injury please send a note from home to be given to their teacher first thing in the morning and a copy will be made by the nurse and placed in my mailbox.  Also, if a child has a note and is excused from PE they are not allowed to participate in recess.